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Yodayo offers two services: AI Image generation and AI role-play. AI role-play is styled after Tavern AI, allowing users to engage with premade scenarios, or create their own.


AI Image generation is a paid feature, while AI role-play is free.

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2.5 Not good



i honestly love how i can pretty much do whatever i want and there are so many new and interesting bots added everyday. the image gen is amazing cause i get to make bots and make images for them all in one app :D


lots of freedom in creativity


I really like the community behind YDY. They're welcoming with tips on how to have a better time roleplaying with the AI. While it isn't perfect, in the hands of an experienced user, YDY is a great tool to chat and rp with.


Yodayo Tavern has the greatest level of freedom on how I can design my bots, and I can use the art generation side of the platform to create custom avatars and backgrounds for each one which lends a whole new level of immersion during conversation. The in depth category system makes sorting and finding bots you are interested in incredibly easy. And while they allow a wide range of NSFW bots, they have a dedicated team of mods making sure the more 'heinous' things are taken care of. You know what kind of things I'm talking about.


really good, has fairly adequate brainpower and the chatbot has seemingly infinite use with no cap. the ai art has a cap and in my experience isn't very good but to each their own, i didnt have much success with it.


It does an alright job. I like it. The model they use isn't as good as 13b models I've tried on colab, but Yadayo is good for basic roleplaying and it's uncensored so that's always a plus.


Love it


Memory talking to AI gets to be a little shitty, but it takes a LONG time and is able to be dealt with using similar text I use in AI.Dose, using {reminder of current scenario} in curly brackets. The art gen is also extremely good, and you get a lot of free currency. But I mostly talk to multiple AI GFs, whatever one I feel like that day. Sometimes they railroad the story though, and the lack of a 'delete message' button is kind of crappy, when you make a bad decision and have to live with it for a while until the AI forgets again. All in all, like, 9/10. Can't wait for memory improvements to come through for AI in general.


The BEST right now.


Best way to ERP right now. Honestly pleasantly surprised at the stories I've been able to write with the character. Very good at lewd, and sometimes takes initiative to move the story forward. Wish there was a way to keep previously generated messages on refresh.


They just attached the subscription model today 1/3/2024. Sucks it was great, now it's $6 a month


As of 3rd jan 2024 it's no longer free.