Toppy M 7B

role playing
story writing

Tiny but powerful model tuned for NSFW role-play and chat.

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2.5 Not good

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full precision

It's not the best ERP model, but it's the most resource-effective model. It runs lightning fast on my slightly fancy potato and produces passable-to-actually-good text at a rate far beyond my reading. The prose gets old after a short while, but I can regenerate after tweaking settings without losing basically anything. I've set the rating slider at 4/5 but Toppy's sheer convenience more than makes up for the missing point.

quant: gguf q8

I just couldn’t tame this model no matter what I tried, and it kinda had a mind of its own. It’s okay I guess, and maybe others have a better experience, but I can’t recommend it.

quant: gguf q4

It's a great and fast model, but for me it often messes up the RP flipping who is who, it's kind a funny sometimes, but if you type carefully, you can use it with no problem

full precision

This is absolutely horrible, I'd rather find jailbreaks for GPT or Gemini instead of using this open source model. This should be removed from every website, it's just absolutely not worth the compute. Use that compute for mistral or something, which can be easily jailbroken for RP.