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2.5 Not good



It offers unlimited messages for free, NSFW intensity modifiers, NSFW type options to change what kind of NSFW it is, 3 different free models to choose from, and a way to shorten and lengthen the outputs.

Quality of responses is surprisingly good and if it gets low quality, it can be fixed by fiddling with settings.

The developer is very communicative and says that eventually paid features will become free in time. They also say they won't neglect the free users to prioritize the paid users.

The price to get the fourth higher quality model and better memory are steep but as far as I know, there aren't many services giving unlimited uncensored AI messages for free without a wait list, so it's understandable that's it's costing them a lor of money. That being said, the starting price to get the 4th 70b model is 100 dollars a month, which is insane, not many people are going to get that. The other tiers are $5/m, $20/m and the highest is 400 a month. The developer quite literally said that tier is only meant for people with disposable income and so they can support its growth.

Overall I see great potential and a good future if the developer continues to make the right choices as they have been and keeps their promises. Otherwise it'll be like the others that failed.