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Perchance is a platform for creating and using "generators", in the broadest sense. This includes story generators, AI chat/roleplay interfaces, image generators, and so on. Users can create and share their own generators, or just use ones that other users have made. Character creation, sharing and chat can be done without an account. Login is not required at all.

The AI Character Chat page on Perchance is one of the popular interfaces on the site which supports common AI chat features like custom character and scenario creation, RAG-based character memories, auto-summarization to extend effective context, multi-character roleplays, and so on. It also supports some less-common features like JavaScript "custom code" which can, for example, give a character access to the internet, add a 3D avatar, or allow it to edit its own personality.


Perchance is free, and is funded via ads. There are no paid features at all, and there are no daily credit limits.

Other Generators

There are many generators on Perchance, but here are some of the most popular ones as of writing:


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