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NovelAI's focus is on story-writing, but it also offers "adventure mode" and image generation. NovelAI's models appear to be fully uncensored.


NovelAI has the following pricing tiers:

  • Free: 50 completion credits
  • Tablet, Scroll and Opus paid plans with unlimited completions, and increasing access to features and image generation

Image generation uses a separate credit system.

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2.5 Not good



NovelAI is a service that began in the wake of DungeonAI's huge controversy on privacy breaches and filter shenanigans. As of today, their current best model is an in-house one they developed called Kayra. It is excellent for its size, has an 8k context window, and has been finetuned specifically for storywriting. Their LLM models are all completely uncensored and will do any form of NSFW writing you want. All of your stories are totally encrypted and private. And being a subscriber also gives you access to their image generator, which they recently upgraded to v3 and is really excellent now for generating anime style images (includes NSFW stuff which got a huge boost in quality). If I had to give a con for their stuff, it'd be that Kayra is their only model capable of instruct-based chats, and at that it is actually relatively feeble. This is because the model wasn't trained on an Instruct basis like many of the free Llama2 opensource models were, but instead has a module applied to it for a similar effect. I find that a tad disappointing, though it's better than nothing. However that is not to say that it's bad at chatting as you can use the API key they give you in SillyTavern (or other front-ends) to use Kayra for character-card chats, and it's pretty decent at those. All in all I feel that the Scroll Sub is excellent value for money, giving unlimited usage of their top LLM model plus a fairly generous stipend for image generations (ANLAS), all with guaranteed privacy, encryption, and a total allowance of NSFW content.


It's the best uncensored text-generation service out there. No need for any jailbreaks, user privacy is a thing and quality is very good. Plus, users are given LOTS of parameters and options to tinker with, from model parameters to UI. Another big thing is that they don't charge you per generation, you just pay for a monthly sub and generate as much as you want.

  • Very privacy aware: Stories are encrypted such that they cannot be read without your password. NovelAI themselves cannot read them.
  • Completely uncensored in both text and image generation
  • Extremely good UI, with big customization options
  • Large amount of settings in text generation
  • A lot of user generated content on various Discord servers (scenarios, generation settings, lorebooks, themes, ...)
  • Image generation uses a finetuned variant of SDXL, which works very well

~ Text generation in NovelAI is essentially unlimited. They also allow direct use of their API. The price ($25/month for the highest tier) is worth it only for very frequent users and the added context length makes it almost no different from the lower pricing tiers, aside from the unlimited image generation.

  • Latest text model Kayra is not as good in quality as the best open source models, especially not in instruct mode.
  • Image generation is anime and furry only



NAI utilizes an older 13B model that is limited by a lot of factors, such as being primarily written for storytelling. Although it has good context and additional features like SDXL, you can get far better finetunes of more advanced models, as well as run SDXL on your local machine at no cost. If these are not an option for you, perhaps it’s worth your time, but pound for pound there’s better options for the price you’d pay.


NovelAI's Kayra is not the best ERP model, but it's hands down the best storywriting AI I've tried. It has idiosyncrasies like its poor performance with instructions, sui generis tag grammar, disregard for OOC statements, etc., but they exist for the sake of improving Kayra's storywriting abilities and the payoff is great. It's unfiltered out of the can to begin with and the presets it offers give you impactful customization options. The text it generates, in terms of prose writing, narrative tricks, flourishes, etc., is actually good reading and it handles characters to impress readers, exaggerating and highlighting their traits to entertaining story elements if not lived-out embodiments (once again, following the narrative-first priorities of Kayra).

Erotica it creates follows similar themes. Kayra can definitely produce sexy and filthy situations and is smart enough to logic out truly weird fiction-only kinks, but it's solidly more literary smut than ERP. It's definitely hot, yeah, but it's an experience that's very different from other models or services. The way Kayra uses characters as playing pieces on the table or actors at the hands of a director adds to this "issue". But honestly, it's such great smut.

Aside from NovelAI's Kayra, the service also provides its own image generation, TTS and other AI funtimes features. I haven't used them that much despite the fact their image generation seems to be their best-selling item nowadays, so I can't quite comment on them.

In short, it's really good. It's worth your money and time as long as ERP isn't the only thing that's missing in your life.