Nete 13B

role playing
story writing

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2.5 Not good

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Best 13b model for me so far (using Q5_K_M gguf). I like it much more than more recent Undi's merges. Rather good coherence even with high temperature, excellent balance of descriptions and dialogues. The model is creative and can introduce and handle new characters to some extent. The narration doesn't slide into irrelevant NSFW scenes on itself, even if the character's card or system prompt has NSFW parts, which is a good point for me. NSFW descriptions are nice but not excellent, often presenting the purple prose with those annoying "shivers down the spine" and similar stuff, which occurrence can be minimized if you give the model more freedom by the samplers. Even so, it's more variative than some other models I tried. Don't expect too much from its coherence, it's still a 13b. It gets confused by large context and too many characters easily, it doesn't follow the character's description perfectly. Spatial reasoning is also quite bad, but hey, we are not talking about 100+b giant here. Overall, the great model to which I keep coming back after playing a bit with the new ones.


Pretty good at everything, except when you tell it that a character cannot do something.

quant: gguf q5

I’ve been on and off testing this model for a couple of weeks. It’s not bad, but it’s not particularly standing out to me either. It mostly performs well, but misses some beats on following instructions and hallucinates a bit more than I’d like, as well as just getting confused. I’d still put it at the higher end for most 13B models, regardless.

full precision

It's somewhat good, but tie fighter is better. This starts speaking non sense at around 2k context. Full precision, hf.