custom characters


GirlfriendGPT offers >7000 SFW and NSFW AI characters of different kinds, from dominant to submissive and beyond.

  • It focuses on "hyper-realistic" interactions, including pictures and voice.
  • It lets you easily customize the characters, such as their appearance, personalities and desires.
  • It seems to based on their own uncensored model.


Pricing is quite steep, with two available plans:

  • Premium: $15/month, only 5000 messages, no voice.
  • Deluxe: $35/month, 20000 messages, longer memory, voice.

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2.5 Not good



They give you 20 generations for free. Personas (a description of yourself) are locked behind a paywall, that's a massive negative, I don't think it costs anything to add a persona to the prompt, it just uses a little more tokens. You can make characters weigh up to 2.5k tokens. They don't say what the $15 tier gets you in tokens, but they do say the $35 dollar tier gets you 8k. I'm willing to bet it's 4k at free tier, 4k-6k at $15, but they don't say that so who knows. The response times were incredibly fast but that's hardly important unless the response times are way too long. They have a "Generate with NSFW" button under every AI reply. I have no idea what that means, but I do know it costs money. Does it mean it's censored unless you pay? Or does it just prompt the AI to be even more lewd? They're not clear about what some of their features do and what you're actually paying for. They say you get "premium models," but they don't explain how premium they are. They say you get "Chat history," "custom characters," "NSFW," and "premium characters." But they don't explain what that means. In the small amount of generations I did, it didn't have much descriptive text. On the spectrum of too much and too little, it was on the too little end. Of course, this is too small of a sample size. Which is ironic considering they say to "just try it out and see how it's the best in the market." Overall, not impressed. Their lack of transparency and ability to explain features is annoying. And 20 messages isn't enough for a demo. Even if a lot of people don't care to know the details of what they're paying for, a lot more people do care and it's nice if it was there if people wanted to know later.